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Heat Pump Solutions

Ducted Heat Pump

A ducted heat pump is best for a home with existing ducting or a new build with more than 3 zones that require heating and cooling.

Multizone Minisplits

Multizone minisplit heat pumps are best for homes without ducting requiring 2-5 zones.

Single Zone Minisplits

Single zone minisplit heat pumps are best for smaller homes without ducting requiring only 1 zone (generally under 1200 sq ft open concept).

Other Solutions

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are best for homes with existing ducting and a main electrical panel smaller than 100 amps without plans to upgrade the panel.

A/C systems

A/C systems are not generally installed in our climate anymore as a heat pump provides heating and cooling. We would not recommend going with this solution without a specific purpose in mind. 

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Based on 5 reviews
Bonnie Amos
Bonnie Amos
great job!!!! worked quickly and was available to answer any questions we had. Would use them again.
Rick Ward
Rick Ward
Professional, easy to work with and great communication!
Will McKinley
Will McKinley
Climatec Mechanical Installed a mini split heat pump for us summer 2022. Our experience with the company was absolutely wonderful. Installers were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable with customer satisfaction feeling like an important priority. Love the new unit, works exactly as hoped! We would 100% recommend Lawrence and the Climate Mechanical team.
Mitch Niebergal
Mitch Niebergal
Climatec was awesome to deal with. Very professional and quick service. New ductless heat pump keeps the entire house cool during the heat waves. Super happy with the install. Climatec provided great value.

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