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Heat Pump Solutions

Ducted Heat Pump

A ducted heat pump is best for a home with existing ducting or a new build with more than 3 zones that require heating and cooling.

Multizone Minisplits

Multizone minisplit heat pumps are best for homes without ducting requiring 2-5 zones.

Single Zone Minisplits

Single zone minisplit heat pumps are best for smaller homes without ducting requiring only 1 zone (generally under 1200 sq ft open concept).

Other Solutions

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are best for homes with existing ducting and a main electrical panel smaller than 100 amps without plans to upgrade the panel.

A/C systems

A/C systems are not generally installed in our climate anymore as a heat pump provides heating and cooling. We would not recommend going with this solution without a specific purpose in mind. 

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Based on 35 reviews
Siobhan McCulloch-Orr
Siobhan McCulloch-Orr
Representative was on time, courteous, and gracious about the fact there was no guarantee our facility (a non-profit)would be able to move forward with this project.
JC Ray
JC Ray
Once again Callum and Stephen did masterful jobs as they upgraded our system. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you gents!!
tom baxter
tom baxter
If there were six stars to choose from, i would have picked six.
Kris Toijonen
Kris Toijonen
Fast and friendly service to get us back up and running! Much appreciated!
Stephen Caissie
Stephen Caissie
Best service from the nicest guys around.
Joanne Green
Joanne Green
Callum was the HVac technician assigned to install a heat pump in to our home. For different reasons, none any fault of his or Climatec, Callum had to come back a couple of times to complete the project. He never failed to turn up when he promised to do so, was incredibly professional and polite. We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the job he completed. Would give 10 stars to both Callum and the rest of the team at Climatec if we could. An all around great experience. Thanks so much guys!
J Palychuk
J Palychuk
I’ve dealt with a few HVAC companies over the years, from service & repair to install. Climatec is my first call, estimates are accurate, knowledge is up to date and the work is clean.

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